Free Online Virtual Labs for Practicing Windows Server 2016

Every time a new Windows Server launched, a free online virtual lab for practice will come as well. Microsoft provides Windows server 2016 free online virtual labs for testing Windows server 2016 new features. These free virtual labs are pretty enough to test Windows server features before purchasing. The customers get excited to try the new features. But while some folks love getting their hands dirty setting up new servers, storage, cables, etc., not everyone has a lot of time to do this.  With the new virtual labs for Windows Server 2016, Microsoft made it a lot quicker and easier for you to get your hands dirty on the fun part!

Windows Server 2016 Free Online Virtual Labs

You can register and receive an email for accessing the Windows server 2016 free online virtual labs. Access each of these individual labs in a private, sandbox environment, including a step-by-step guide and support information.

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Get started by selecting your first virtual lab, then you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft account. Each lab takes approximately one hour to complete. There is no limit to the number of times you can use these labs.

Check out each of these 60-minute experiences:

  • Implementing Breach Resistance Security in Windows Server 2016
  • Shielded Virtual Machines
  • Building a Storage Infrastructure on Windows Server 2016
  • Installing and Managing Nano Server
  • Exploring Virtualization on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
  • Failover Clustering and Rolling Cluster Upgrades
  • Implementing a Software Defined Network with Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016 Free Online Virtual Labs – Technig

Try to find out the free online Virtual labs for practicing Windows server 2016. Sign in with your Microsoft account, and you can access any of the individual labs in a private, sandboxed environment. It all adds up to about six hours of content, and you can come back later if you need to.

Give these new virtual labs a try. And when you are ready to dig even deeper and evaluate the full product, you can download the Windows Server 2016 evaluation media.

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