Top 10 Small Business Accounting Software

It is not a new thing that when an application is introduced other developers are also trying to create a similar application but with a set of different features. But the big deal with any common person who just arrived in business and wants to be a businessman is to start a business is choosing an accounting software where the data should process. But how can he choose which software is best for his business? That’s Iwhy I have collected Top 10 Small Business Accounting Software, or in other words, I have reviewed them so it should be helpful for you.

Top 10 Small Business Accounting Software

Here you can find out the top 10 small business accounting software. The small business accounting software is critical as you must choose the right one for your business accounting.

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1. Intuit QuickBooks

  • Suitable for SMBs

Intuit QuickBooks which created in 1983, today it is in the small business accounting software. It is the best accounting software for over 45 million people worldwide. Since it is available for all platforms ( PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets). It comes with an Affordable Price with three versions of simple ($11 Per Month), Essentials ($19 Per Month) and ($26 Per Month) with five users and two accountants which has the compatibility of Microsoft Word and Excel.

Things to Know About QuickBooks:

  • It Holds more than 80 per cent of the Small-Business.
  • Intuit QuickBooks can be synchronised with over 60 different Apps.
  • It is cloud-based designed for Freelancers, and it is also available for Desktop including Mac, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.
  • The Desktop versions also offer some additional features that are not available on Cloud such as Industry-specific report, Limited payroll, and inventory management.
  • The version differences are based on User Licence that can support.
  • Can Connect your bank and credit-card accounting, track income and expenses, and categorise and Track Internal Revenue Service (IRS) schedule C text dedication.
  • It can add a text bundle to the package that streamlines tax preparation by integrating with Intuit TurboTax.
  • It has User Reviews.
Intuit QuickBooks – Small Business Accounting Software

2. Sage 50 premium accounting

  • Suitable for SMBs, Desktop/Online

Sage which is a British multinational enterprise software company which is the second largest supplier of small business accounting software, and has 6.1 million customers worldwide. It is available for All Platforms such as Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone, It has perfect Features both on the Cloud and On the Desktop Operating System.

Sage 50 comes with Different Prices based on the User, such as one used for Desktop come with $162 Per Year and for one user on cloud cast $219 For First Year. The best thing about sage 50 is that when your business growth higher you can scale your business with Sage 50.

Things to know about Sage 50:

  • Every Business Software has a report card, except report card view on any device, it has cloud backup too.
  • Sage capture is a new tool which captures the supplier receipts and bills. Then Capturing, easily save it to one drive.
  • It is directly linked with Microsoft Outlook. Since you are saving all the Contacts on the Outlook automatically can be synced with you sage account.
  • Quickly Access the customer Info such as Credit limits, contact Details order history and more.
  •  It gives you access to Microsoft office Premium include Word, Excel, Access, Outlook.
  • Without All of these features, it allows you to use Dashboards ( available cash, receivables, expenses, inventory on hand), Sales optimisation ( Track All of your Customers ), Expense management ( Recording your Purchases and expenses ), Mobile invoicing, Payrolls and reporting.

3. Xero

Xero which is a company software from New Zeland is developing cloud-based accounting Software for small and medium businesses. It comes only. Also Cloud-based Accounting Software; there is no desktop. It comes with tons of features such as Invoicing, Inventory, Dashboard (Track The Customer), Bank connections, Bank reconciliation, Pay bills and more. When it comes to Pricing, It has three versions such as:

  1. Starter: which cast $20 Per month with these three features such as five invoices, entry for five bills and 20 bank transaction.
  2. Standard: Cast $30 Per Month with some new features.
  3. Premium: Cast $40 Per month has tons of new Features including Multi-Currency.

Things to Know about Xero:

  • Payroll is Included with Premium and standard plans.
  • Starter plans limits you to five invoices, five bills and 20 bank reconciliations per month.
  • Only Premium Plan have <ultiple Currencies others versions don’t have.
  • It integrates with more than 500 applications including PayPal, Stripe, and Square.
  • It allows you to run more than 40 different reports at a time.

4. Zoho

When you need a Customer relationship management (CRM) software, then Zoho is a perfect software. It is a cloud-based software that works for small and mid-sized companies to streamline, sales, marketing, customer support, helpdesk, product configuration, reporting, customer analytics and more. Zoho integrates with Google Docs, Microsoft Office, and SharePoint, while then offering more than 25 add-on apps for specialised business collaboration and productivity needs. When It comes to pricing, it is available in affordable price.

Things to Know about Zoho:

  • It offers Multiple features including CRM, help desk and app-building software.
  • Prices are divided into three versions of Basic ($9 Per Month, two users), Standard ($19 Per Month, 3 User) and Professional ($29 Per Month, 10 Users).
  • The standard plan supports three users, 500 contacts, and ten automated workflows.
  • It tracks bills and print checks.
  • It can Create Multiple Messages that are sent at different times.
  • Supports barcode scanning.

5. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is also a Cloud-based Accounting Software which is also designed for Small Businesses. Users are impressed using FreshBooks, because, it gives you complete access to all tools for the first month without a credit card, when your trail finished you have to choose a paid plan if you are not ready for the paid plans, all the information will be stored securely in your account. According to FreshBooks, All the information will be encrypted because they are using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, After encrypting all the data, they will be backed automatically by FreshBooks and whenever you need the Info, just sign in and get all the Information. FreshBooks also said, since 2003 tell now they have more than 10 million users over 124 countries around the Globe.

When it comes to pricing, it has three versions:

  • Lite: Casts $15 Per month for 5 active users.
  • Plus: Casts $25 Per month For 50 Active Users.
  • Premium: Casts $50 Per Month for 500 Active Users.

Talking about the features, most of its features are also the same as other small business software companies.

6. OneUp

According to Google Market Place, Oneup is downloaded more than 700000 users worldwide where it leaves other small businesses behind such as Zoho and Xoro. Oneup has summarised all of its features into four categories such as Invoicing Accounting, inventory, and CRM. Rather than other software companies, it is available both on Desktop and Mobile.

For the First time after setting up your account, it asks you some questions about your business to configure the module for your dashboards such as Projects, purchasing, and product tracking. Then it will ask you to upload a logo, set up the sales tax and finally it will ask you to invite your accountant to the program.

Talking about the features, invoice customisations are limited such as you have four fonts with three sized. You are not able to set up invoices Automatically, but you can duplicate and edit the existing Invoices. Also, you cannot send the Payments to reminders Automatically instead you can set up to alert your team when a customer bill passed. OneUp doesn’t have time-tracking feature, so you have to configure time spends manually. It has an Automatic Inventory Ordering feature which identifies the products needs to be rearranged as a suggestion. If you approve then it will create a purchase order with one click.

7. Wave

If you are working for more than one company, it supports multiple businesses, not only various businesses it also supports personal accounting with budgeting and investment-tracking tools. Wave is perfect for businesses with limited inventory. Just like others, it is also a cloud-based accounting software. When it comes to pricing, they offer a free version of their software, but they charge monthly for customer support by offering two services to choose from. For this service, you have to pay a percentage plus a per-transaction fee for each paid invoice. There will be no contract or no monthly fee and finally, at the end wave offers payroll with an additional cost.

After signing up in the wave, It asks you to enter your business name and select your business’s category. After verifying your business name, you are in the Dashboard. For Getting Started, click on the Get Paid for your Work and start uploading your logo, select a template between three invoice templates and add an accent colour for your Business. Once you have selected an invoice template further, you can customise it from the invoice creation screen, just by editing the columns. Another thing which so good about the wave that you can set up the system to automatically send out recurring invoices.

Things to know about the Wave:

  • It is not free. Instead, they want customer support by offering two services to choose from.
  • It has a feature called automatic payment reminder.
  • It has prewritten emails, whether to use it or customise it.
  • You can track your expenses whether using a computer or a mobile device using Wave’s receipt app.
  • It uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to translate images to text for expense transactions.

8. Kashoo

Kashoo is also in the top 10 small business accounting software which can be used to track money and expense. You can create invoices however it is not able to create purchase orders and tracking inventory. It doesn’t have any pre-create documents, although it is a perfect choice for bookkeeping checklist. You can manage customers by entering their information about the product on the system, but you can’t use it to create purchase orders, and it doesn’t have a feature for tracking inventory. Another feature is running multiple different reports at a time which includes general ledger and receivables report. To reconcile your accounts connect it to your bank account.

Other Things to Know about Kashoo:

  • It cost $16.65 a month.
  • It integrates with FreshBooks and Paychex for payroll.
  • Kashoo Don’t have any pre-invoice documents such as sales, quota, and estimates.
  • It has a Features called recurring invoices which is for offers subscriptions and recurring orders.
  • This company has a community of active users which offers weekly webinar and Kashoo U training which teaches you basic accounting principles with structure How to use the software.

9. ClearBooks

It is a perfect software for companies who are trading worldwide because it supports multi-Currency and value-added tax (VAT). Since it is cloud-based enterprise software, it has tons of features just like other companies listed above including invoicing, expenses, tracking, purchasing. In order to see the inventory levels, you have to run a stock report. When it comes to pricing, it cast £4 for the first three months for small business and large business it casts £8.40 month for first three months. There are two Button Settings: one for your Profile and the second is for user settings.

Things to know about ClearBooks:

  • Run your accounts over 170 currencies.
  • You can add unlimited users, and you have the right to give detailed user permissions.
  • Dates are set to the UK format, and you can change it.
  • It is scalable to large business.
  • The template is called themes which is to five invoice themes.
  • It can be configured to create recurring invoices and email payment reminders automatically.
  • Allows you to add multiple businesses to your account.
  • It has apps both for iOS and Android.

10. KashFlow

Another Cloud-based software which is to set up is KashFlow which is also Good for Small Business accounting software. It has its features such as Invoices, Quotes, and Estimates, Payments, Reporting, Credit Control, ChangeLog. It has Pre-Build Invoices which you can use or customise it for your Goals. Also, there are no limits for creating invoices and customer list.  There are also Invoices Apps available for SmartPhones, also they integrate with  PayPal, Satago and MarketInvoice. You can add any Currency you like and create invoices in that currency. Don’t Forget you can convert a quote/estimate to an invoice, with or without deleting the original quote using KashFlow.

Things to Know about KashFlow:

  • It casts £7 month+VAT.
  • KashFlow is a U.K.-based accounting software
  • There are three service plans, but payroll features are only available for businesses in the U.K.
  • Since it is a U.K based accounting software, you can change the Date Format and the currency to Any Country including the U.S.
  • You can Set KashFlow to send Automatically the customers’ payment reminders.
  • It can track Expenses, but it can’t track billable hours.
  • It can manage vendors for creating a purchase, tracking bills, and recording Payments.
  • Connect Your Business Bank Account to KashFlow for Automatically importing banking Transactions for your reconciling your accounts.
  • KashFlow is for single Business not for Multiple Business.


That’s all; I hope this article helped you choose from the top 10 small business accounting software for your business. If you liked this article, then please share it with friends on your social media network as small business accounting software.

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