How to Remove Virus from Laptop without Antivirus

It’s laborious and time-consuming process to find viruses on a computer without antiviruses or system protection software. But here we try to analyze, find and remove virus from Laptop without antivirus software. It shows how a virus tries to spread itself in a system where there is not installed antivirus and system protection software.

I begin from a simple folder “Image.exe” folder inside a pen-drive. When I attempt to open it, nothing happened. Yes, nothing happened, but it spread on your system.

Remove Virus from Laptop without Antivirus

Let’s trace the Image.exe files in a Windows 10 system manually without antivirus.

Note: It’s important to know that Windows defender is not recognized “image.exe” folder as a suspicious software. See the Windows defender result from below screenshot.

Windows Defender Security Scanning Results

So, Windows Defender is a useless Windows system protection software inside your computer.  Any way to see the file extension you must configure your Windows Folder Options.

1. Search “File Explorer Option” in Windows and choose Show hidden files, folders, and drivers then un-check Hide empty drives, Hide extensions for known file types, Hide folder merge conflicts, and Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) from View tab.

Windows Folder Options – Show Windows Hidden Files

Now your system is ready to show all hidden files, folders and extensions of known file types.

2. Open task manager from the Task bar or typing “taskmgr” on Run. Then explore the processes tab of task manager to find the Image.exe running process.

Find Virus in Windows

You can find the other specious software as well. Here I just find the image.exe folder virus in my system.

3. Now, right click the image.exe (32 bit) to find the file location. Click the Open file location to see where the main virus file is located in your system?

How to Find Virus File Location In Windows

4. Yes, it shows the exact location of virus files. Now try to delete it the main virus file and follow the steps to clean the system from virus.

Virus File Location in Pen-Drive – Remove Virus from Laptop without Antivirus

5. You can not delete the main image.exe folder while the file is running on your system. Before deleting the file, you must stop or kill its process from Task Manager. To kill the process right click the image.exe (32 bit) and click End task. See the step 3 screenshot.

The action can’t be completed because the file is open in image exe

When you stop the process of virus from your system by killing the process, you must see the Windows Startup section for startup behavior of virus as well. On Task Manager, Startup tab checks what you can find something related to viruses or specious software.

6. The iconrdb.exe file on Startup tab is related to image.exe virus.

Remove Virus from Windows Startup

7. Here you can find the virus startup file location by right clicking the virus startup file and open file location.

Virus Startup File Location In Windows 10 – Remove Virus from Laptop without Antivirus

The file is located in the user profile, AppData and Roaming folder. Just delete the virus files and close the Roaming folder. Do not delete the other files or folders.

Note: Some viruses have its own services or combined with some Windows services. You must check the Windows services as well.

Find Virus Services in Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is a simple and powerful Windows monitoring tools you can directly monitor system performance of your computer.

Remove Virus with Antiviruses Software

Having installed an Antivirus software protects your system from most common viruses, malware, etc. Never use your computer without antivirus, security protection software or internet security software. Especially when you don’t have good knowledge of computer security and internet security, you must be careful.

Even a free Antivirus software can detect most well-known viruses and suspicious software and keep secure your system.

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The free Avast antivirus detects the suspicious behaviors of image.exe and iconrdb.exe virus.

Remove Viruses From Windows System – Remove Virus from Laptop with Antivirus

Finally, protect your system with antivirus software, keep update your computer system and software. Try to get update your information security knowledge as well.

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