Online Payment Methods Compatible with Smartphones

The merchant services already accept credit card payments online and mobilized to accept mobile credit card payments as well. Now the internet payment processing or mobile credit card processing all can be done with a simple smartphone. If you like to use your smartphone to shop or purchase items online, then you’ll know you can use a few different online payment methods. These each come with a variety of pros and cons, here’s a quick rundown of the ones that you could use on your mobile device.

PayPal, Online Payment Methods

With a fully compatible mobile app, users can make PayPal transactions just using their fingerprint. This makes it both expedient and safe to make transactions, which is just what we want as it requires no additional hassle. This is really the biggest alternative payment method out there, it’s widely used and exceptionally easy to get to grips with too.

Online Payment Methods that Accept Mobile Credit Card Payments – Technig

Google Wallet

It’s no surprise at all that tech giant Google has entered into the alternate payments market and it is, of course, compatible with your mobile device. Users can add their cards to the account and then make payments for free. This can be used to send money to your friends or even to pay for goods, as there are additional identity checks some even believe this to be safer than PayPal.

Square Cash

This is more of a newcomer to the market and one that is gaining a lot of new users quickly. This optimised platform is great for users that want to move money around quickly, without a lot of fees associated. This is a safe platform to send money both to businesses and to your acquaintances.

If you’re not afraid to try out something new, then this could be the service that you’re looking for.

Phone Bill Payments

These are really easy payments for users, as there’s not much to the process. Just by typing your phone number into a site and then authorizing the payment, you will be able to complete your transaction. This is particularly popular within the gambling industry, with mobile casinos using this as a drive to encourage users to deposit, this list can be helpful to see just how many of these sites there are out there.


This is a popular app among millennials, as they use it to make personal payments with one another. We’re increasingly living in a cashless society and we don’t always have the money to hand to pay a friend back. This is where Venmo comes in, as you can instantly transfer money just by searching for their profile within the platform.

One of the most interesting aspects of the personal side of this payment method is that you can actually send money through Facebook. With billions of active users and wide networks of friends, this is a seriously convenient add-on, plus it’s all free.

Samsung Pay

If you own a Samsung phone, then you’ve probably received a lot of push notifications to encourage you to use this proprietary software. They’ve been encouraging their users to get started with this payment method, starting with their own platform. It’s not the best for personal transactions, but you can use it as a substitute for your card for contactless payments.


If you have lots of gift cards in your wallet then this is the ideal payment app. You just snap a picture of the card and it’s stored in your wallet on your phone. Then, when you want to use it you can enter the details online or scan the barcode in person.

There are lots of payment methods on the market already, though as time goes on we will be sure to see even more. We’re always looking for safer and more convenient ways to pay, more of them will be sure to be on the way soon.

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