How to Make Music Spectrum Visualizer on Desktop

So often we see people upload videos on YouTube with music waves style. Have you ever thought about how people make it? So, you might think, of course, they use Adobe After Effect. Well, you are right, but, have ever wanted to have such features without Adobe After Effect? Also, do you ever wanted a free and light software for that? All right, in this tutorial, you will learn how to make music spectrum visualizer on your desktop.

Music Spectrum Visualizer

If you still have doubt about what’s musical spectrum. Then let’s see an example.

Here is an animated image that will explain everything.

Music Spectrum Example

So, now you got what’s musical spectrum. If you want to know how you can create such music waves right on your desktop, then continue reading the article.

Make Music Spectrum Visualizer

To make the music spectrum, you have to download two things. First, Rainmeter and second is Monstercat.

Step 1

Download the Raminmeter software and install. It’s free and open-source software. Also, it allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop, from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. So, you are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Step 2

Now is the time to install Monstercat. So it’s a real-time audio visualizer for Rainmeter. Also, it supports all major media players, including full Spotify and Google Play Music Desktop Player.


  •  Live visualization of the audio output
  • Customizable colours and fonts
  • Genre-based colours (AIMP, CAD, iTunes, WMP and Winamp)
  • Cover-based colours (All supported players)
  • Support for all major media players
  • Spotify (Desktop & Web Player) support
  • Google Play Music Desktop Player & Web Player support
  • Full Youtube, Soundcloud, and other web music players support
  • Media controls & progress bar
  • Settings skin for easier customization/configuration
  • Hide skin when the media player is not running

make sure you are downloading the file with .rmskin extension. 

Step 3

After downloading the file, then double click on the file with .rmskin extension to install. So, after installing you should see the following screen.

Monstercat Visualizer

This is the Monstecat Visualizer screen. Besides, it’s the options page as well. you can customize everything here.

Step 4

You can go through all the option and customize it for yourself. So, here is how you can select the player.

Monstercar Player selection

You are done here.


After selecting your player, just open any music from your system and go to the desktop. You should see the music spectrum or music waves. So, mine looks like this. I have customized of course.

Monstercat Visualizer Desktop Screen


We hope this article has been informative for you and you enjoyed reading it. Also, if you have any questions or problems, related to how to make music spectrum visualizer or any other tech category,  feel free to ask on our forum, we’ll answer instantly.

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