Install and Configure Print Server on Windows Server 2012 R2

As a Server Administrator, you should know how to install and configure print server in your network environment. Printers are the essential required network devices in a small office to an enterprise network offices. In your office you might need one printer. So you don’t need to install and configure print server on a Windows server, but when you need to deploy for a large office, you must know the deployment of printers for office users.

In this article, we are going to install and configure print server in Windows Server 2012 R2. So to do this task, you should know the basic server roles, services installation.

Install and Configure Print Server

In your Windows Server login as domain admin and open the Server Manager console. You must installed some roles on your server. In my testing lab, I have installed Active Directory, DHCP Server, and DNS Server.

Server Manager 2012 R2

You see the installed roles and features on the server.

To install and configure the print server in Windows Server, you must install Print and Documents Services role. Go to Server Manager dashboard click Manage tab then click Add roles and features.

Role-based or Feature-based installation page

On the Before You Begin page click Next and select Role based or feature base installation then clicks Next.

Select a Server from Server Pool

On the Server Selection page, choose the server you want then click Next.

Print and Document Services

Select and tick the check box of Print and Document Services on the Server Roles page.

Install and Configure Print Server

Now the component and features want to be install. Just click Add Features and then click Next.

Leave the Features page by default and click Next. You don’t need to install any features for print and document services, so do nothing on this page.

On the Print and Document Services page read all notification and click Next. It is necessary once to read this page carefully.

Internet Printing

Select the Print Server and Internet Printing options from Role Services. 

Internet Printing Features

Click Add Feature to install IIS web server with components and features.

Print and Document Role Services: 

  • Print Server is the core print management and services.
  • Distributed Scan Server is for Document Scanner if you have it.
  • Internet Printing will let you manage your printers through the browser.
  • LDP Services will share printers between Linux and Unix base OS.

So don’t change anything Web Server, just click next on Web Server Roles (IIS), Role Services and Confirmation page to finish the IIS Web Server options.

Print Server Installation Process

Finally click Close to finish the installation process. The Print and document services complete successfully.

Install Printers

Install printers from print management. Open the print management console from tools tab on Server Manager.

Print Management

There is no printer installed on print management. Let’s connect a printer or add some printer.

Add Printer

Expand the Print Servers to Printers then right click Printers and click Add printer. On Printer installation page select Add a new printer using and existing port and click Next.

Printer Drivers

Select Install a new driver on Printer Driver page and click Next.

Printer Models

Select a proper printer then click Next. I have selected a LaserJet 2500n HP printer.

Printer Sharing Settings

Fill the information and tick the check box of Share this printer and click Next twice.

Network Printer Installation

Finally, click finish to accomplish the installation task.

Go to the print management console and see the new printers. I have installed another printer, and now I have two printers.

Printer Sharing

Sharing Printers for Clients

When we are installing a printer, we select the sharing checkbox of first print to share the printer in the network. The sharing occurs, but it is not accessible to network directory for client PCs while you have not ticked the check box of

Printer Properties

Now the printer is available for client PCs in the network.

OK, that is enough for now, in the next article we will work on advanced features and settings of printers and printer and document services.

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  • lutfullah

    hi dear teacher i could not find ” print management ”
    window will you sent shortcut of CMD for this on ? tnx

    • Shais

      Hello Lutfullah,
      Here you are “printmgmt.msc”. It is the shortcut of print management in Windows server.

  • Jason

    Do you have any information on customization of the print server web page? I am looking to setup filters on the print server and then split the printers up Via those filters on the web page.

  • Muhammad Azmat

    Do you have any separate application that installs on window server 2012 and supported to window 10 which does work for the print server? This is show details
    Username Computer Name Printed file name Printer name Pages Restriction on Printed pages Status Date