How to Import Virtual Machine to Hyper v Server?

You may want to re-install Hyper-v server or Windows 10 that Hyper-v installed. But the Hyper-v virtual machines need to be remain. After installing new Hype-v Server, are able to import virtual machine to Hyper v server without installing new virtual machine.

Just do not delete all Hyper-v virtual machines when you reinstall Hyper-v server. Allwasy keep the hyper-v virtual machines on a separate drive. Never store virtual machines on operating system drive. Because when you want to change operating system, the Hyper-v will removed and the virtual machines with configuration will be remains. Next time you can simply import virtual machine to hyper-v server.

Import Virtual Machine to Hyper v Server

I have many virtual machines from preview Hyper-v. Now I want to import them to my new Hyper-v server. If you have the same case like, so install Hyper-v on new operating system and configure Hyper-v to get ready to host your virtual machines.

This article works on Hyper-v 2008 R2 server to Hyper-v server 2016. Just follow the same steps to import virtual machine to hyper-v server. If hyper v import virtual machine required permissions are missing, comment us the alert messages to help you.

1. Open Hyper-v manager on Windows 10 or Windows server. Right click on Server name and select Import virtual machine to hyper-v.

Import Virtual Machine to Hyper v Server

2. On the Before You Begin page, tick the Do not show this page again and click Next.

Import Hyper-v virtual Machines Wizard

3. On Locate Folder window, click Browse and select the exact folder of a virtual machine. It’s important to choose the exact and right folder of the virtual machine you want to import on Hyper-v. If the directory will not be correct, it issue some errors relevant to incorrect virtual machine directory.

Hyper-v virtual Machines directory

4. Select virtual machine and click Next. When you have more than one virtual machine files in a folder, it will shows both virtual machines. You should select one and import them one by one.

Select virtual machine to import on Hyper-v

5. Simply select Register the virtual machines in-place (use the existing unique ID) and click Next.

Choose virtual machine import types

6. Select network card for virtual machine and click Next. If you don’t create Hyper-v virtual switch yet, create a new virtual switch from Hyper-v Manager. I have created a private network virtual switch for my virtual machines.

Select virtual machine netowrk card

7. On the Summary page, read the summary information and click Finish to complete the task.

Hyper-v virtual machine imported successfully

8. Finally, check the imported virtual machines on Hyper-v Manager. The virtual machines are imported with all checkpoints or snapshots.

The result of imported virtual machines with all checkpoint

That’s all how to import virtual machines to hyper v server. You can import these virtual machines even into another Hyper-v server. Just transfer virtual machines to other hyper-v server.

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