How to Enable WordPress Mobile Theme?

WordPress has it’s own theme for a website mobile Visitors. If users open your website with their mobile devices, the default WordPress mobile theme will load and displayed the contents without extra style which need more internet bandwidth. It’s good and reliable for those who are using mobile internet services but not have a good design and style or good view overall. You can enable WordPress mobile theme from WordPress dashboard.

How to Enable WordPress Mobile Theme?

The Jetpack WordPress plugin allowed you to add a whole bunch of functionalities to your website. One of theme are mobile theme that we want to enable WordPress mobile theme on our website.

WordPress Mobile Theme

Disable Mobile Theme

If you would like to disable mobile themes on your website, go to Appearance — Mobile in the Dashboard and select “No” for “Enable mobile theme” option. All visitors will see the full theme of your blog, but keep in mind this will:

  • prevent users on old cell phones from viewing your content
  • slows down the display of your site on mobile devices

If this functionality would be enabled, users with mobile can switch to the full version of your website using the links at the bottom of each page.

mobile switch

Some plugins has this functionality as well. Jetpack is one of them. You can enable or disable your blog mobile theme through Jetpack setting by deactivate the mobile theme.

Jetpack Enable WordPress Mobile Theme

OK.  That was all about, maybe call non friendly default wordpress theme for mobile visitors. If you really care about mobile visitors , you must use some specific plugin for mobile visitors instead of default theme. These plugins are specialty designed for wordpress blogs. It’s better and has much user friendly interface.

WordPress Mobile Pack

You can test WordPress Mobile Pack plugin which allow you to package your existing content into a cross-platform mobile web application. WordPress Mobile Pack.

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