Free Download XShell Final version for SSH Remote Shell

Try to Free Download XShell Final version for SSH Remote Management Software.

I found XShell very helpful when connecting to AWS instances for cloud computing class. In the class all students use Putty. It is good SSH Remote shell but doesn’t accept the .pem file as a key pair. The Xshell support the .pem files directly without converting to ppk or regenerating the keys. Here you can free download XShell final version. It is free for Home and school users but for a business environment, you must purchase a license.

The Xshell is a powerful terminal emulator that supports SSH1, SSH2, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN, and SERIAL. Delivering industry-leading performance, Xshell includes a combination of features and advantages not found in other SSH clients.

Features that enterprise users will find useful include a tabbed environment, dynamic port forwarding, custom key mapping, highlight sets, VB/JScript/Python scripting, dual font support for ASCII and non-ASCII characters, and PKCS#11 Support.

Free Download XShell Final version

As of April 29, 2016, we’ve made a few changes to your free licensing. Any free licenses download on and after this date are subject to the terms laid out in the Free License Agreement below.

NetSarang is pleased to announce that our secure terminal emulator, Xshell, and our secure file transfer agent, Xftp, are available for free for home and school users. Free licensing provides all the powerful features, industry-leading security, and intuitive UI our commercial users enjoy for use at home or at any accredited school.

Free Download XShell Final version – Technig

Home/School Free Version

One free copy of Xshell or Xftp may be used by a single person who uses the software personally on up to three devices. No other person, other than to whom the license is registered, may use or have access to Xshell or Xftp.

Home users are granted permission to install and use Xshell or Xftp on computers at home using our Free License. The installed Free License may only be used for personal non-commercial use. Any commercial use is prohibited.

Students, professors, staff are granted permission to install and use Xshell or Xftp on computers at school using our Free License granted the school has been accredited by a valid verifiable source. If you are unsure whether your school qualifies, please contact our sales team at sales @ The installed Free License may only be used for educational purposes or to further the educational abilities of the school.
Thanks for Netsarang to make this software free for home and school users. I really love this software for SSH remote management. Ok, let’s free download Xshell final version from the below link.
University hospitals and research facilities/laboratories are not included in the Free Licensing Agreement.

Download Link Download XShell Final version

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  • Tom Bosley

    Agreed. XShell is the best terminal emulator I’ve used on Windows. It’s a superb piece of software.

    • Shais

      Yes, you are right. I just found the power of Xshell when connecting to AWS EC2 instances.