How to Fix Magento 500 Internal Server Error Correctly?

Some issues occurred while you working with Magento, the most critical error is Internal Server 500 Error that happens when the cart software is updated or other changes. This post is bout to fix Magento 500 internal server error.

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How to Fix Magento 500 Internal Server Error

You might be faced with 500 internal server error when you update or bring any changes to core files and file permissions.

In order to fix Magento 500 internal server error, follow the two steps guide. Do it using CPanel or from FTP manager software. Both work the same.

  1. Login to your website CPanel, and navigate to file manager.
  2. Find maintenance.Flag file and rename it to maintenance.Flag00. Just double click on the name and rename it.
  3. Find and select the Index.php file and change the permission from 555 to 755.
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To get your site working again, use your file manager or an FTP program to browse the cart’s files and make the following changes:

3. If the error still exists, try to change file permission’s of index.php file on download or downloader folder as well. In the cart’s download directory, change the permissions for index.php from 666 to 755.

Finally, reload your shop front page and see the result. It must work fine without any 500 internal server error.

Note: Sometimes the 500 internal server error may occur when bringing changes to some files or file permissions. Just remember what are you doing and what did you do before the error displays. Monitor your shop to find errors and document it for future issues.

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