How to Design Easter Egg Using Photoshop?

In this article I am going to show you how to design Easter egg using Photoshop, so when you understand the concept of designing Easter egg you can use it in your other projects like Flyer, Poster etc…

How to Design Easter Egg Using Photoshop?

This is what we will design in this tutorial, all the elements are vector shapes and you can scale it without lose the quality.

Design Easter Egg in Photoshop – Technig

1. lets start by setting up the document open a new document with 1000×800 px size , use the following color code for background color(00a2cb).

New Document Dialog Box – Technig

2. Now pick the Ellipse Tool and draw an elliptical shape to do so click on any area of your document a small dialog box popup put for width: 297 px, Height: 392 px and use this color code for Fill (fbad18) then name it Egg.

Shape Dialog Box – Technig

3. Pick the Rectangle Tool (U) and draw a rectangle use this color code for Fill of this shape (2a89bb), size of this shape width: 350 px, Height: 147 px.

Design Easter Egg Using Photoshop – Technig

4. Now I use Layer Mask to remove the extra part of the Rectangle, to do so hold down the Ctrl key and click on Thumbnail layer of Egg it make selection, then your Rectangle layer selected click on the Mask icon at the bottom of layer panel it hide the extra part of the shape.

Design Easter Egg Using Photoshop – Technig

5. Draw some rectangles with different size and different colors you can use any color you like for different shapes and align perfectly as I did bellow.

Easter Egg- Technig

How to Design Easter Egg using Photoshop?

6. Now use repeat the step (4) for each rectangles to hide the extra parts, then make a new layer place it on top of all layers name it left shadow use soft rounded Brush (B) and paint with black color at the left side on left shadow layer, do the same thing to the right side as well.

Design Easter Egg Using Photoshop – Technig

7. Use the Rectangle Tool to make the zigzag lines, draw a rectangle and rotate it  as I did in bellow then make a copy of this layer and press (Ctrl+T) then Right Click and Flip it horizontally.

Design Easter Egg Using Photoshop – Technig

8. So duplicate these two  rectangles and make a long zigzag lines, then select all these rectangle lines and right click on any thumbnail layers and merge them together. Now use this zigzag line to complete your design and add three stars at the center or the egg.

Easter Egg- Technig

9. Now apply the Inner Shadow layer style to the Egg layer, you can find the layer style at the bottom side of the layer panel (Fx).

Inner Shadow Dailog Box – Technig

10. Duplicate the Egg layer and put the layer thumbnail under the left shadow layer apply Gaussian Blur and change blending mode to Overlay, it make the egg brighter and natural. Finally use the brush tool and make a soft drop shadow to the egg.

Design Easter Egg Using Photoshop – Technig

Hop you enjoy this tutorial if you face to any problem regraded to this tutorial please leave comment I will answer you as soon as possible.


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