How to Create Free Business Email Address for Your Team?

There are many online services provide business email address. All works perfect for small and large size of companies. But there are few online web sites that provide free business email address. We are all know the importance of having a business email address is more than a physical home or work address. So follow the articles please.

Setting up an email account for your business can be done a few different ways. The most easiest way is to set up a free account using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or another free email providers companies.

The email we need to have for business email, should have a unique domain name, for example, ““. That’s very good, your name and your own domain name. It has more value then a traditional free email address like

#1. Create an Email Using Cpanel & Connect to Gamil.

1. To create an email address from CPanel of your web site, simply login to your web site CPanel and click Email Account under Email section.

Create an Email Account Using CPanel

2. Fill in the form with your name and set a strong password, specify Mailbox quota and click Create Account.

Create an Email Account

3. Your email address should be created successfully.

The Email Address Created Successfully

4. To manage your emails, you can use Webmail under Email section from cpanel. But it’s better to use your Gmail account to receive and send email. To connect your own hosted email address to Gamil, go to your gmail account, click Settings, Account and Import tab, then click Add another email address you own.

Gmail Account Settings

5. Type your name and add your email address then select Next Step.

Add Another Email Address

6. Type user name and password of simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) then click Add Account. 

Send Mail Through SMTP Server

7. The final result should be like the below screenshot.

Check mail from other

Now if someone send you email to your own hosted email address, you will receive it within your Gamil account. This method help you quickly response the important business emails using your Mobile devices.

#2. Free Business Email Address with ZohoMail

Take control of your inbox with ZohoMail for free. Experience email that provides a clean, ad-free, minimalist interface alongside features geared for business and professional use. ZohoMail provide options to create 10 free email address for your business staffs.


  • The best of both worlds
  • No ads, privacy guaranteed
  • Email plus online office
  • Smooth setup and management
  • Secure and reliable
  • See more features

So join to 15 million users which work online with Zoho mail. We are going to connect the preview created email account with ZohoMail.

How to Register for Free Business Email? 

1. To create your own free business email address, go to Zoho Mail web site and select Free option. You can latter upgrade to a premium account as well.

Zoho Mail Pricing & Sign Up

2. Type your domain and click Add Domain. You must have access to your domain to verify it with Zoho mail code.

Provide Your Domain

3. Fill in the form with your information and click Sing Up. 

Register on Zoho Mail Website

4. The final message is Congratulations to your new business email address. Click on Setup your domain in Zoho link and setup your new email.


5. Select Others or select your exact DNS hosting provider form, Select your domain’s DNS Manager (DNS Hosting provider) from the list. Then select HTML Method and download the html file.

Welcom to Zoho Mail Suite – Verify Domain

6. Upload the zohoverify.html file to folder of zohoverify in the root of your domain using ftp file manger (FileZilla) or from cpanel of your web site, then click Verify by HTML.

7. Now you have verified your domain. Provide a desired username to create your domain based email account then click Create Account.

Create a Free Business Email Address

8. You have now verified your domain. You can now proceed to add users and create their accounts for your organization. You can add users one by one, or use ‘Import users’ option to upload a CSV file to create the users. The free account let you care account for 10 person.

To add users and create their accounts, click Proceed to Add Users. This will Launch the Add user page of the User Details section in the Control Panel. When you add users, you will create their individual accounts and provide passwords. The users can login to their accounts using the unique email address and their passwords.

If you are an Individual Professional and only user in the Organization, click Skip to proceed to the next step.

9. Groups are common email accounts that serve the purpose of having common email addresses for a team of users in your organization. For example, you can create as a Group account, as a common account with all the Authors as members of the group. Group can be used to represent a set of individuals, a team, a department, a project group etc. Currently I don’t want to create a group, and click Skip to go to next page.

10. This step is about configuring email delivering MX records. Go to your hosting account and add these mail exchange records.

Host Name Address Priority
@ 10
@ 20

Watch the video’s of How do I change my sites MX record to point mail to another server or domain? by hostgator web hosting. If you select Cpanel, Zoho will show you to change form your web site Cpanel.

11. On Email Migration page click Skip. When you switch from your previous email provider, you can migrate the emails from the other service provider using IMAP or POP, based on the access available. You need the following details to migrate emails from your old provider. So we are creating a fresh new email.

12. This is important, what email reader you use to read received emails? I’m comfortable with Outlook. Select whatever you want and see the step by step guides by Zoho. If you don’t want to use these recommended email readers, you can install Zoho Mail provides exclusive native apps for iOS and android mobile platforms, for accessing the email, calendar and contacts without any cumbersome configurations. I have installed this app on my Android mobile.

Mail Client Configuration

13. Finally processed to your ZohoMail account or go to, login to your email account.

My ZohoMail Account

This is the screenshot of ZohoMail App on my mobile.

ZohoMail Mobile App

We hope this will help you to create your own free business email address using this free email provider. Feel free to ask your question through comment section.

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