How to Create Your Own Business Cloud Storage Server?

Building Your Own Cloud Storage Server with Cloud Backup Management Application

I know to build your Own Cloud Server or to Create your Own Cloud Storage Server takes too many expenses. You may be thinking I’m an idiot that I have used too much money only to build my Own Private Cloud. No, I’m not an idiot because there are sites available on the Web which gives you the ability to create a Private Cloud for a Limited time. Which means you can taste the Pleasure of a Private Cloud. This site is called is is basically a cloud service Provider which gives you the ability of management, monitoring, Backup, Scaling and more. While creating or setting the Server, Select any of the provided infrastructure choices like Amazon, DigitalOcean, Kyup, Linode or Vultr. You can build your app using any of the provided 10+ PHP-based frameworks, CMS, and e-commerce builders. For the Deployment, services select your server resources, CPU, RAM, and storage that you need. If you are not interested in building your Private Cloud, you can transfer your site to any platform of WordPress, Drupal, Magneto and more.

Create your Own Cloud Storage Server

To Create your Own Cloud Storage Server, first, you have to visit the You have to create a server with your E-mail Address. When you have created the servers, you have to download the web Installer which will be the setup-owncloud.php. After that, you have to download & Install WinSCP which will create a Secure File Transfer (SFT). After that, you have to install the OwnCloud. And that’s all about How to Create your Own Cloud Storage Server on Windows. If you need the Complete & Step by step Guide follow the Below Steps.

Create the Server

Step 1. To Create the Server first visit On the Home page, select get started for free, & fill out the boxes with your Information.

Note: You can leave the last two options by default.

Signing up

Step 2. When you sign up for the Cloudways. On the Second they will ask you to join the live chat. If you shouldn’t join the live chat then there will be an account, instead, your E-mail will be blocked forever. To build our own private cloud, type there, I want to create my own Private cloud, can you please help me. They will ask you to give answers to these questions in order to build your Private Cloud.

  1. Full Name
  2. Registered Email ID
  3. Your contact number
  4. Country / City Name
  5. Which website did you want to host with us? (if not any, then)
  6. Which web application you wanted to deploy on your server?

Once your account is activated, they will send you the link to the login page.

Live Chatting

Step 3. On the Application & Server Details, select custom App & Fill all the Information on your Server. I have named All of them OwnCloud. Then Below that select a cloud infrastructure provider. They have DigitalOcean, Amazon, GCE, Vultr, Linode and KYUPI Cloud Providers just for 3 days at no cost.

I will go to the default settings of Cloud Provider, Size, and location. When you are done select launch now. Adding the servers will take about 10 minutes with 1 GB, with more storage it will take more time.

Note: Once the server is created, just click on it & don’t do anything.

Deploy Your Managed Application

Get the Web Installer

In order to use the free and open source features of own, you must the setup-owncloud.php file. To get it follow the Procedures.

Step 1. Open a New tab & search there for

Step 2. Click on the Download button on the home page.

Step 3. Next, you have to Scroll down and find the web installer and download that.

Create Secure File Transfer

Now that you have created the server and have the SFTP logging info. You would need to download and install WinSCP.

WinSCP is an open-source SFTP, FTP, WebDAV and SCP client for Microsoft Windows which functions as a secure file transfer between a local and a remote computer.

Step 1. Visit the and download the Winscp.

Step 2. After downloading, install it your PC, Installing is so much easy. Just select Accept, Next, Next and Install. After the installation completes uncheck both boxes & don’t launch the Program.

Installation Complete

Connect to the Server via SFTP

Now that you have created the Server & Installed the WinSCP, it is time to connect both of them.

Step 1. To do that, first, open the WinSCP.

Step 2. Head over back to the Cloudways site & copy the IP Address & paste that into the hostname of the WinSCP. Do it the same with the username and Password.

Server Credentials


  • Your IP Address is the Host Name.
  • The Name which is given is the name of the server.
  • The Password which you had signed in is completely different. So, you have to save that in a secure place.
Log in using the Server Credentials

Step 3. Once you have inserted all the Information on the WinSCP Click login.

Step 4. You will a warning, just select yes and go on.

Step 5. Once the WinSCP is completely functional, open the Application Folder until you reach the Public_html folder. Now copy & Paste the setup-owncloud.php or drag and drop.

Drag & Drop the ownCloud.php

Step 6. Now close the WinSCP & click ok for the confirmation of the changes to the path.

Confirming the Saved Settings

Installing the OwnCloud

Step 1. To install the OwnCloud, open your favourite browser & type your IP/ setup-owncloud.php

Installing OwnCloud

Step 2. On the setup wizard page, select next.

Step 3. Now On the Dependency page, give a name or go on as the default name.

Step 4. When the OwnCloud is installed, you have to create an account in order to access your server.

Finalizing the Installation

Step 5. Again type your username and Password to access the Owncloud Server.

login in with User Account

Setting up the Desktop Client in Windows

In order to sync your files & having to access or creating backups of your files or data, you have to use the App. Because it is the easiest way that decreases too much time. So, In order to set it up first visit the and Download the Desktop Client software for Your Own Operating system. I’m using Windows 10 then I will download the ownCloud desktop client for Windows then I will install. After Installing follow these Procedures to set up the Desktop Client.

Step 1. On the Connect to OwnCloud Page, you have to enter the IP Address/Name of the Server. Or you can enter the Information As a user. For Better understanding see the screenshot.

Server Address

Step 2. After that, you have to confirm its certificate for windows, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the App in Windows.

Confirming the Server Certificate in Windows – Cloud Storage Server

Step 3. In this Step, you have to insert your User Name & Password for OwnCloud Server. Remember, it isn’t the username & Password given from server, it is the username which you had created After Installing OwnCloud.

login with User Account – Cloud Storage Server

Step 4. Once you are logged in, you can customize your settings for synchronizations.

OwnCloud Sync Settings – Cloud Storage Server – Technig


This was all about creating your own Cloud Storage Server. The cloud storage server mostly used by business owners. I hope this Article was helpful to You. If you have any idea or suggestion Please comment on the article or visit the Forum.

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