How to Add Windows 10 Hibernate to Start Menu?

Probably You like me and many other tech enthusiasts after working a few hours on your computer, have so many programs or tabs that are running, and you have to break for a while you want to do the rest of the task later. So if you shut down your pc, all your tabs and programs will go away. fortunately, Microsoft has offered the Sleep and Windows 10 Hibernate option along with the shutdown option. Here is how to add Windows 10 hibernate option in start menu.

However, by default, the Windows 10 hibernate option is not available under the Start>Power. We have to play a little bit with options bring it back under the Start>power

Hibernate Vs Sleep

Sleep Mode: In Sleep Mode the computer technically stays on while all actions on the computer are stopped and any open documents and applications are put in memory while the computer goes into a low-power state

Hibernate: Hibernate mode is very similar to sleep, but instead of saving your open documents and running applications to your RAM, it saves them to your hard disk. This allows your computer to turn off entirely, which means once your computer is in Hibernate mode, it uses zero power. Once the computer is powered back on, it will resume everything where you left off. and instead, it will take longer to start again.

Add Windows 10 Hibernate Option to Start Menu

1. To add Windows 10 hibernate option to start>power navigate to Start>Settings>System and the following screen will be open.


Windows 10 Power Option Settings and Configuration – Technig

2. From here go to  Power & sleep option. and you will be guided to the following page.

How to Add Hibernate Shortcuts In Windows 10 Start Menu – Technig

3. From here go to Additional Power Settings>choose what the power buttons do

Windows 10 Power Option Settings – Technig

4. Then go to Change Settings that are currently unavailable and scroll down to the bottom

Add Windows 10 Hibernate Option to Start Menu – Technig

Now click the Checkbox of Hibernate option. Next, click save changes and you are done.

Now go to Start>power you should now see the Windows 10 Hibernate option among others power options.

Video Guide: How to Add Windows 10 Hibernate to Start Menu

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    This isn’t the start menu. This is the shut-down menu. Do you know how to add a hibernate link to the actual start menu?