How to Add or Remove Language in Windows 10?

By the default, most of the windows have English input language, and if you want to write something in another language you need to add the language you want to type, in this tutorial I show you how to add or remove language in windows 10?

Add or Remove Language in Windows 10

1.  The first way, only write the language in windows search box it will show you some related setting about language but click or hit Enter on (Region & Language settings).

Region & Language settings – Technig

Now click on Add a language, it will show you all the languages of the countries just type the name of your language in the search box then dabble click on the language, it automatically added to your computer input languages.

Region & Language settings – Technig

When you add the language you can see it at the end of the Taskbar, to switch between languages use press and hold down Windows+Space keys in Windows 10, Shift+Alt in windows 7 or XP.

Switch between Languages in Windows – Technig

When you Left click on any language in Region & Language settings, you will see three options (Set as default, Options, Remove) if you set any language as the default language of your computer it will be the first language. If your language has a pack you can download it from Options, Remove option can remove the language.

Region & Language settings – Technig

2. The second way to add language in windows is by going to control type Control in the search box and hit enter, change the View by Large icons.

Control Panel – Technig

Click on add language and find the language from the list you want to add in your input language as you see in the image below.

Add or Remove Language in Windows 10 – Technig

After you click on Add language, you see all the languages select the language you want and click on Add button at the bottom of the page as below.

Add or Remove Language in Windows 10 – Technig

That is all about adding language on windows 10 hope you enjoy this tutorial, if you have any question related to this tutorial, please leave a comment in comment section.

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