Top 6 Creative Classroom Tech Tips

The creative classroom tech tips. You can take your classroom to a whole new level with the aid of many educational technology tools. A lot of teachers want to know how to use technology in the classroom because they might have read many educational technology blogs out there. We will let you know more about the different types of technology in the classroom and creative classroom tech tips.

Class Webpage: Creative Classroom Tech Tips

Creating a class web page is always a good idea. You can create a class website with Wix so you can stay in touch with the class at all times. Remember that an online grading system will allow you to save a lot of time. Your students will see their grades on this website in no time. You can also use MyGradebook. This online service will allow you to get tons of reports on the progress of your students in no time. You will be able to record attendance and track grades with the aid of this product. The software will allow you to email parents so they can check the updated grades right away.

Creative Class Web page

Email Exchange

You can have some of your students engage in an email exchange with other students in different schools. You can also talk with a bunch of experts so they can accept emails from your students. If your students want to know more about the importance of science and math in the real world, you can put them in contact with engineers and video game developers via Facebook. You can also use Snapchat or Skype to achieve this goal. These people use math and science on a daily basis, and they will manage to get some of your students get interested in these topics in no time.

Multimedia Presentations

Giving your students the opportunity to watch some multimedia presentations is always a good idea. This will allow you to put your students in front of something truly interesting. You can also use PowerPoint to achieve this goal in no time. Diagrams and photos can also be incorporated into your presentation quickly and easily. Have your students develop some presentations so they can learn how to do this successfully. You can also use the Internet so you can find new materials to take your classes to a whole new level. If you make this a habit, you will manage to create more interesting lessons.

Multimedia Presentations for Classroom

Class Blog

You can create also a class blog. You can use it to keep the class informed about the latest changes in the class right away. This will allow you to take your enjoyment in the classroom to the next level. You can also use a wiki site. These sites are truly interesting because they will allow your students to edit the material whenever they want to. Your students should work together so they can create these wikis in no time. To make this a success, tell your students to correct each other from time to time. This will be an excellent tool if you happen to be just short of time these days as well. There will be no need for them to visit services like Eduzaurus if they have their own source of information.


You can find a lot of podcasts over the Internet, and many of them will allow you to meet the needs of your students. Some professors even offer lectures via podcasts which can help your students a lot these days. You might even find an interesting interview with the author of any book that can aid your students even more. Playing these forecasts for your students is something that you should do right away. You can even make your students create some podcasts so they can record their progress in no time. They can even use these podcasts to discuss anything related the course.

Podcasts; Creative Classroom Tech Tips


You can also publish the work of your students via short films and other things. Running a class website is also great in these situations. For instance, you can publish these works on the website. This will allow your students share opinions and do a lot of other things in no time. Lulu can also publish your students’ works professionally. To do this, you can raise the money in no time. Remember also that Lulu has tons of discounts for new authors, so you should let your students know more about it. The website also has a great knowledge base that your students can use to learn more about this amazing service. Creative Classroom Tech Tips

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